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About RealChain

RealChain  is a global Web3 community that is setting out to disrupt and revolutionize the real estate industry. With real estate agents and brokers  at the center, we are opening up amazing opportunities to our early investors in both realms; the real world and the metaverse.  We’re here to dream together, learn along the way, constantly build and grow, share the success and prosper together… 

The transformation of the real estate industry starts right here, at RealChain!

We envision a future that does not rely on central authorities, incumbents or intermediaries, but is instead merit-based and managed democratically.

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Founders Club

RealChain Founders Club is the first step on this promising and exciting journey.

We are building a universal platform for our Founding Members – those who fundamentally believe in producing, winning, and sharing collectively. Owning a RealChain Founders Club Pass is the first step in your journey with us.

Offering a multitude of benefits and opportunities, both in the real world and the Metaverse, RealChain Founders Club is a collection limited to 5,555 NFTs, including 55 Alpha Passes, 500 Genesis Passes and 5,000 Originals Passes.

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To be announced soon



To be announced soon

Founders Club Pass Benefits

*The 55 founding members with Alpha Passes will be entitled to 5% of revenues, the 500 founding members with Genesis Passes will be entitled to 5% of revenues, and the 5,000 founding members with Originals Pass will be entitled to 5% of revenues, in proportion to the number of NFTs they hold. Since there is no limit on which type of pass a member has in their wallets, each pass will be paid for separately. Revenues will be depended on the Active Membership.

Future BENEFITS on our Roadmap


Earn active and passive income with RealChain Marketplace!

Some opportunities of RealChain Founders Club Alpha, Genesis and Originals Passes:
  • Listing, selling and buying real estate properties in both real world and  metaverse
  • Active income from real estate portfolios and investments
  • Fractionalized real estate investments
  • Commission earnings, bonuses, and passive income from treasury income

Take your place in the Metaverse and become an A.R.C!

Earn a certificate to become an Authorized RealChain CyberAgent (A.R.C.) with RealChain Academy:
  • Virtual land and property appraisal  and sales in metaverse
  • The opportunity to take part in RealChain virtual offices with your own avatars
  • RealChain sales representation rights  in most exclusive metaverse projects

Revenues to be Shared with Founders Club Pass Holders


Round 1

15% of RealChain Founders Club NFT Collection sales revenues through Active Membership



15% of RealChain Marketplace NFT Collection sales revenues through Active Membership (Estimated launch date: 2023)



15% of RealChain Metaverse NFT Collection sales revenues through Active Membership (Details to be announced later)



RealChain's royalties income from secondary sales of all three NFT collections through Active Membership


Total Available NFTs
Share of proceeds from all subsequent rounds of NFT collection sales through Active Membership
Share of proceeds from RealChain’s royalty income  through Active Membership
Whitelist and priority access to all future NFT  rounds
Early access to all future RealChain projects
First priority
Second priority
Third priority
Secondary sales opportunities
Direct access to the global community of real estate buyers and sellers
Whitelist and priority investment opportunities in partner projects (Real Estate, Metaverse, NFT)
First priority
Second priority
Third priority
Access to member-only meetups (In-person and virtual)
Access to RealChain Academy
Access to global real estate and city data
Free or discounted merch, NFT airdrops, promotions and sweepstakes
Special invitation to RealChain annual summits
VIP entry (+1)
VIP entry
The right to become an Authorized CyberAgent (ARC) and benefit from RealChain offices in the Metaverse universe
Advantages, privileges and discounts at partner institutions and businesses, local and global events
Exclusive Whatsapp, Telegram and Discord channel access with RealChain founders and advisors
Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord
Telegram, Discord
Periodic meetings and dinners for members
VIP entry (+1)
VIP entry
Exclusive access to land and property trading opportunities on the Metaverse
Personal avatars, PFPs, badges
              Avatar, PFP, Badges
PFP, Badges



Chief Executive Officer

One of the pioneers of mobile marketing & advertising worldwide, Arda built massive brand communities in 15 countries. Arda leads Realchain\'s marketing, brand collaborations and community growth and he is committed creating the world\'s largest and baddest real estate community.

Sanlı Atalay

Chief Growth Officer

Best known as the Founder of MTV Turkey, the Music Television as the Senior Producer and Founder of KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY CADDE, the largest real estate single office in Europe by sales volume, agent count and transaction sides. Sanli loves personal growth through learning and applying and he is an expert influencing people to bring the best in them.

Ahmet Tuncel

Chief Product Officer

Ahmet is a multi-industry B2B marketplace founder and an experienced strategic management consultant in real estate, construction, manufacturing, automotive and IT (web2 & web3). As a former senior manager of a well known multinational, he has a track record in building large teams and putting massive projects into action in record time. He is tailoring our core business & operation strategy, products and expansion plan in order to have a quick take off and a sustainable growth.


Chief Information Officer

Erinc, PhD, is an expert in making systems smarter through algorithms. He has 15+ years of experience in leading algorithm teams in technology projects. He is leading the data science team responsible from empowering the ecosystem with on-chain and off-chain data driven insights.

Ferda Kert


Ferda is a serial entrepreneur, investor & senior advisor to Governments, Cities, NGOs & Companies in the fields of Web3, NFT, SmartCity, Mobile and Travel technologies. From G20 to EO, Ferda is a seasoned entrepreneurial ecosystem leader, awarded by CNBC, Deloitte and Mobile World Congress. With the Web3 fund and incubator he founded, he is actively investing in impactful companies.

Ilke Toklu

Chief Future Officer

Ilke took various leadership roles in banking, finance, real estate and property development industries across Europe, North America and Middle East for over 25 years, and has recently been in the Education Director role at NASA. She is also a Member of Board of Directors and Lecturer at University of Bahçeşehir’s Graduate School of Business.

Reha Kocatas

Chief Degen Officer

Having completed his studies of Politics in Galatasaray Üniversity and his Masters Degree in International Politics in SOAS University, Reha has been actively teaching for the last 10 years as well as operating in web3 for the last four years. He currently works for SCROOGECOIN and SCROOGEJR as a Project Executive and Community Manager, while bringing his expertise into RealChain as the Chief Degen Officer, in charge of Web3 operations.

Shaun Bodah

Vice President, North America

Shaun Bodah is a full-time real estate agent, a recruiter and mentor for Coldwell Banker Realty. Prior to working in real estate, he worked in enterprise sales and sales management for tech firms including AT&T, Dell, and others. Shaun is an entrepreneur and founder of several small business ventures in Austin, including a top-performing local real estate team.

Sınem Gonc

Chief of Academy

With more than 20 years of experience in the Mobile Industry, Sinem continues her professional career in Digital Marketing and Blockchain. Her strong Marketing Skills and Technological expertise led her to provide Sector Based Digital Transformation and Blockchain Courses to management teams in organizations such as Borusan, ING Bank, TBB, Mobile Oil, ACM, Software Companies and many more. Sinem is now a co-founder and managing partner at Omnis Studio. She mentors start-ups to develop data-based online marketing strategies; guides them on how to utilize digital channels and online ads to grow their business. She’s one of the mentors of Startupbootcamp BAU, TurkishWin, ISA, and İTÜ Çekirdek.

Cagkan Ozturk

Marketing Director

Before joining RealChain, he worked for countless companies and agencies as part of the marketing and communication teams. He has architected dozens of marketing projects from scratch and helped public & private institutions transform their digital marketing and communications efforts.

Nedelına Momchılova

Community Director

Expert in community management, social media marketing, mobile and digital marketing. Nedelina has over 12 years’ experience in developing and managing social and mobile communities and is fluent in seven languages.

Furkan Yılmaz

Community Manager

Furkan is a senior industrial engineering student and Web3, NFT, Crypto Enthusiast. He is experienced as a junior data scientist and managed campaigns and customer data in finance. Furkan is building and managing RealChain community to create world’s largest and merit real estate community with his creativity and knowledge in Web3.

Sumeyye Sungu

Content Manager

After graduating with a philology degree, Sumeyye worked in non-governmental organizations as a project assistant, produced content in Italian and English, and was a key team member. As a content writer and editor, Sümeyye supports the marketing team at RealChain with content production.

Bahar Ercın

Community Manager

After graduating from Bahçeşehir University's Department of Interior Architecture, Bahar pursued a career in this field for three years. Her interest in real estate led her to become a realtor. Having produced content on social media in her private life, Bahar, after moving to the real estate sector, decided to expand the content production to include her professional life and became RealChain's community manager.

Advisors and Champions

Ahmet Özşahin
Can Turan
GoTo Market
Cengiz Korkmaz
RC Events
Dr. Cagrı Bagatur
Ferhat Güven
RE Investments
Hüseyin Karslıoğlu
Omer Gokdemir
RC Accelerator
Onur Kızılot
RE Investments
Ori Levi
Prof. Cenktan Ozyıldırım
RC Data
Richard Murbeck
Yigit Bulut
RC Metaverse


Dr. Çağrı Bağatur
Prof. Cenktan Özyıldırım
RC Data
Reha Kocataş
RC Game
Sinem Gönç
RC Academy
Yiğit Bulut
RC Metaverse
Ömer Gökdemir
RC Accelerator


Shaun Bodah
Milena Vitanova
Pablo Orelana


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