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Be sure to check back for information about our webinar, where industry professionals will discuss many topics related to the critical revolution in the real estate sector and Web3 technology in the real estate market. Details will be announced soon.
UK-based Strategy and Business Development agency Can&Co has finalized its market entry strategy for RealChain. The first steps of the extensive market campaign developed in this direction have been taken.
The official website of RealChain.xyz, which reconstructs the real estate community of the future with Web3 technologies, is now online! Transformation of the real estate industry starts right here at RealChain!
Founders Club
Our RealChain Founders Club NFT designs are dazzling. As a RealChain Founders Club Pass holder with a limited collection of 5,555 NFTs, including 55 Alpha Pass, 500 Genesis Pass, and 5,000 Originals Pass, you can take the first step on this journey with us.
Richard Murbeck
The RealChain Advisory Board continues to gather industry leaders under its roof. Joining the team as Senior Investment Advisor, Richard Murbeck will lead our journey in finance and globalization. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and senior executive in the digital transformation and telecom sectors, he is also the founder of many successful IT and telecom initiatives. He continues to work on a WEB 3.0 model for the digitization of asset rights.
As an exciting outcome of the meeting held between Hakan Akdoğan, President of the All Entrepreneurial Real Estate Consultants Association (TÜGEM), which leads the Turkish real estate industry, and the RealChain Founders, which combines the real estate industry with Web3 applications, a roadmap for cooperation has been developed. Get ready to hear the words real estate and Web3 more often soon.
İlke Toklu
RealChain Advisory Board continues to grow! We are pleased to announce that Ilke Toklu, Senior NASA Director and real estate investor, has joined us to lead our journey of institutionalized growth. As a finance and private equity professional with extensive experience in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Ilke also serves on the Board of Directors of the Bahçeşehir University, Graduate School of Business, as a board member and is a Lecturer for the Executive MBA and MBA programs. She is the founder of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee.
We have our social media accounts set up as an important step in our journey of creating a global community. If you are still not following us, search @RealChainXYZ and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
Global Gatherings
WEB3 was by far the most trending topic in this year's SWSX, the world's largest technology, music and culture festival, held in Austin, Texas, USA this year. Our CEO Arda Kertmelioğlu, who was among the participants of the event, shared RealChain with many global WEB3 opinion leaders and investors and joined important networking meetings.
Marketing Collaborations
We keep meeting publishers, content producers, influencers and agencies for our global and local marketing and advertising collaborations, searching the most effective and permanent solutions to spread the RealChain word all over the globe.
Cenktan Özyıldırım
Professor Cenktan Özyıldırım joined the RC Advisors team to create our data-driven and AI-supported econometric model of real-estate investment.
NFT Pass Design
RealChain Founders Club Pass NFT's are soon to be public
Bodrum Meetup
Our Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sanlı Atalay held RealChain meetings with the real estate market leaders of the Bodrum region which attracted great interest.
NFT Summit İstanbul
RealChain Chairman of the Board of Directors Ferda Kertmelioğlu held “Web3: New Paradigm in Investment” presentation at the NFT SUMMIT ISTANBUL 2022 in Istanbul Congress Center which attracted great interest from all participants.‍